Purified water storage tank




  • The device is designed for collection, storage and distribution of purified water obtained by different methods of treatment from drinking water of general use

  • Main parts of the tank are made of high quality Stainless Steel AISI 321

  • The tank can be combined with distillers into a convenient automatically operating single system

  • The tank is equipped with device aimed to power off distiller when tank is full

  • The tank is equipped with antibacterial air filter

  • The tank is equipped with Index column

  • The tank is equipped with water distribution valve

  • A distiller can be combined with a purified water tank into an automatically operating single system.

  • The storage tank is supplied with a mobile platform for installation and transportation. The platform is equipped with four swivel wheels, one of which has a brake that prevents the tank from moving during operation. The mobile platform is designed to move the empty storage tank at a speed of not more than 5 km / h on a hard horizontal surface (the necessary force for movement should not exceed 10 kg)

  • Lifetime: above 10 years, warranty period: 12 month

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