DE- 70 Water Distiller

Electrical conductivity of distillate: 3.5 µs/cm

  • The device is designed for production of distilled water

  • Body and main parts are made of high-alloy Stainless Steel AISI 321

  • Heating electrodes made of stainless steel, which ensures reliable operation in case of scale formation. Electrodes do not burn out

  • Automatic water level control in evaporation chamber

  • Automatic low water shutdown

  • Energy saving system

  • Stainless steel panels protect operating personnel from thermal burns and contact with working elements

  • Demountable design of condensation chambers allows visual inspection of scale formation, easy sediment cleaning, easy maintenance and repair

  • CO2 degassing system

  • Standard set includes a spare heating element, spare electrode of the water level sensor, supply water hoses and distillate collection hoses, the connecting clamps

  • Devices for the purification of steam from drops of not distilled water

  • Distiller can be combined with a purified water tank into an automatically operating single system

  • Automatic shutdown when the water tank is full

  • Power connection cable with shockproof plug

  • Lifetime: above 8 years, warranty period: 12 month

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